What online before and after photos don’t show you

Why doesn’t Dr. McKee post before and after photos of his patients?

I was recently on vacation and was talking with a family friend who told me that she had thought about getting her eyelids lifted. She was interested in coming to see Dr. McKee, but since she lives about 1000 miles away, that would be a difficult prospect. So I encouraged her to seek a surgeon in her area and take a look at his before & after photos. She told me “Why would I do that? Anybody can just pick out their best work and only show that.”

And she’s right. Anybody CAN do that. How do you know if you’re seeing photos that will really help you make a decision?

Dr. McKee feels similarly about having before & after photos posted online. He does take pictures of his patients before and after their procedures, but will not post them to this blog or his website. Dr. McKee’s office manager, Jeanie, says this: “He feels very strongly that the value of pre- and post-operation photos is only when they can be discussed in person (any doctor can post some good pictures… but that is not your face!)”

Dr. McKee himself says, “Without sitting down with a doctor, before and after photos don’t mean much. I do show patients pre- and post-operative photos to show the techniques that I use and that will show them a range of results.”

When you are considering cosmetic surgery, make sure that you are getting the best information possible and don’t let online photos give you a false impression of a surgeon’s skill or your potential results. Make sure your consultation is thorough and that the doctor answers all of your questions to your satisfaction.

If you are interested in having a consultation with Dr. McKee (and seeing his before and after photos), please call us at 615-868-4091.


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